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Quit Smoking

Stopping smoking is one of the most beneficial and positive changes you will ever make to your life. why not start today? in just two sessions you could become a non-smoker and wish you did it years ago. I will record the session for you on your phone to listen to when ever you feel the need. 


We all know the dangers of smoking, heart disease,cancer, lung disease and the effect it can have on our skin causing wrinkles, making our teeth yellow and that horrible smell that lingers. Then there’s the Amount of money spent on cigarettes. 


If you have tried  giving up using willpower alone and found it difficult it is because there is a conflict between your conscious and your subconscious mind your conscious mind wants to stop but your subconscious mind needs to be reset to make the changes to become a non-smoker. With  hypnotherapy your subconscious mind will be reprogrammed so you have no desire to smoke taking  away the reasons you smoke such as ‘I need to smoke to alleviate my stress’ or ‘it gives me confidence.’  Replacing these faultily  programmed thoughts with thoughts of no longer wanting to smoke.

Benefits of stopping smoking will start straight away, your health and general fitness will improve, you will have less colds and infections, your risk of heart attacks or cancer will be greatly reduced , your blood pressure will return to normal, your finances will improve, you will look and feel healthier and good about yourself.




"I don't know what u did but its working!!! Thank you so much I have not touched any junk at all and no desire to scoff rubbish at night/
Lots of my friends want to see you I believe one has booked already for weds?"

Weight Loss

So many of us struggle to lose weight It can be challenging and frustrating especially when we have tried all kinds of different diets and none seem to work. Although we all know what to do, eat less sugary, fatty foods,have smaller portions do more exercise, we still seem to struggle.

Reasons why people struggle;

As soon as we fall off the wagon we feel guilty and then return to food for comfort sabotaging our diet. 

Comfort eating : As babies we gain comfort from feeding from our mothers. Experts believe this association stays with us therefore as life becomes stressful food becomes a source of comfort  as we revert back to that early association. When we are told not to eat certain food it makes us think about it and crave it even more.


If you want to change your body you need to change your mind and hypnotherapy can help you achieve this. Hypnotherapy for weight loss will help you replace your negative eating habits with positive ones, giving you more incentive to exercise and keep fit.


You will be guided into a deep relaxation and then positive suggestions will be put to your subconscious mind imagining how you will feel once you have lost the Excess weight using imagery  to visualise how you will look once the weight has come off. Through hypnosis you can learn how to enjoy the taste of healthy foods instead of craving unhealthy foods such as sugar and fatty foods


Weight Loss Client Testimonial.

Low Confidence/Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem generally begins when we are younger by negative life experiences or in childhood whereby lack of encouragement, complements by parents teachers, friends, siblings can make us feel really lacking in confidence and insignificant. 


The  term Low self esteem Is used to describe how a person feels about themselves such as how they feel about their appearance and how much they like and value themselves. Whereas as our self  confidence refers to our ability to trust our judgement and how confident we are in our abilities to carry out roles and tasks.

It’s important to value and respect yourself whether you succeed in life or not.


Left untreated stress can have a very detrimental affect on your life causing you to turn to many harmful coping strategies. Such as overuse of alcohol and comfort eating. Also causing excessive worrying, disturbed sleep, low energy, being unable to socialise, generally holding you back from doing what you really would like to do in life.


During hypnosis we will be able to bypass these negative beliefs that you are holding about yourself and replace them with positive ones. You will start to believe that you are a confident outgoing assertive individual giving you all the tools you need to be able to progress in you life.

Weight Loss & Nerves Client Testimonial.


Small amounts of anxiety or stress are unavoidable and usually do not necessarily cause any problems. However, if your body is under constant stress it can be very detrimental to your health, both physically and mentally. Stress is your body’s way of coping with a threat whether real or perceived,for example, you may have had an argument with a friend or your boss has put extra pressure on you at work. this then causes the bodies defence mechanism to kick in to help you cope, this is known as the’ fight or flight’ response. It’s the body’s way of protecting you by giving you extra strength to deal with the situation. 


If stress is left untreated, it can cause widespread damage to the body due to stress hormones like cortisole and adrenaline which enter the bloodstream. Over time, this can cause many problems such as weakening your immune system and making you more susceptible to viral illnesses and infections, and even lead to strokes and heart disease.

Typical Symptoms of Anxiety are:


Physical symptoms; 


Pains in the chest 

Loss of appetite 

Feeling nauseous and dizzy 

Irregular heartbeat 


Mental symptoms;

Trouble sleeping 



Panic attacks 

Feeling tense and nervous 

Changes in behaviour

Trouble concentrating 

Continually worrying 

Not being able to enjoy things you used to enjoy 

Problems with concentration

Negative thinking 


It’s vital to deal with the symptoms before they do too much damage.

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective tool to help with stress and anxiety. By teaching you how to deeply relax and let go of built up tension, replacing negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones.


Anxiety is actually fear and can be learned subconsciously, so hypnotherapy can be used to try and get to the bottom of why you’re feeling this way and then reverse these fears and feelings. When you are in this very relaxed state, positive suggestions will be put into your subconscious to train your brain to eradicate these fears. Your subconscious is the part of the mind where experiences and information is stored, which makes Hypnotherapy an excellent method of altering these underlying feelings. 


If, for example, you have had a bad experience in the past causing you to feel anxious in say social situations, it can cause a lifetime of anxiety around that experience. Being able to alter your subconscious thoughts will help alleviate these negative feelings and change them to positives.


During hypnosis, I will help you feel calmer and more confident when you might be for example, in social situations; encouraging you to look at life in a much more positive way, rather than continually worrying, ruminating and thinking negative thoughts. I will help you to change your thought patterns by building up your self-confidence feeling better about yourself. As the anxiety lessens, you will find the unpleasant symptoms will begin to subside and you will start to feel so much better. Bad coping strategies that you have turned to in the past will then dissipate.


Many medical associations now recognise hypnotherapy as a very beneficial and drug-free treatment for stress, anxiety and many other conditions. Hypnosis is an effective and safe complementary technique widely used to treat a number of issues.

Fears & Phobias

Most fears and phobias are created when we are very young. We are only born with two fears and that is falling and loud noise anything else we learn along the way mostly from life experiences. For example if we were to get stuck in a lift as a child and become very afraid our brain would take on this negative information and convince us that we are in a dangerous situation and under threat. We  then become afraid of lifts in future. 


Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in helping you overcome these fears and phobias by replacing the negative emotions with positive ones taking away the unnecessary fear. The treatment is very good for fear of flying, public speaking and many more.


Rates and Prices;

60 minute one-to-one session - £50.00.

  • Anxiety/Stress: Allow yourself to tackle and overcome your anxiety and stresses.

  • Weight Loss Treatment: Sessions to help train the brain towards a healthier lifestyle, leading to a healthier life and natural weight loss.

  • Fears and Phobias Treatment: Sessions that will train your brain to overcome longstanding fears and phobias such as animals, dentists and flying.



Treatment Times: 60 minutes approximately - £150. 

  • Quit Smoking; Overcome your addiction of smoking. Regardless of how long you have smoked, Hypnotherapy can be a highly effective way of quitting for good. (Occasionally, double sessions may be needed to completely kick the addiction).


I don't know if you remember me but we had some sessions a while ago to help with my weight also with my driving test! I thought I'd give you a little update on how it's going! The driving has been good, no accident's haha also I managed to lose nearly 3 stone in 6 months, most importantly of all I finally got pregnant!!

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