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Quit Smoking

Hypnosis has a good success rate in helping people to stop smoking. It could be your easiest way to tackle the problem... however, you will only see results if you really want to quit. Hypnosis can alter the way you look at cigarettes and make the decision to stop once and for all.It can eliminate the desire to smoke and to stop using smoking as an emotional crutch.


Weight Loss

Hypnosis is very effective for weight loss as it can remove the desire to snack on unhealthy foods in between meals and reduce portion sizes. This, combined with exercise will promote a healthy relationship with food and eliminate the desire to comfort eat.and increase your desire to adopt a healthy diet.It can motivate you to reach your aim to look and feel good, exercise more and reach your ideal weight ,unlike yo yo dieting which can lead to unhealthy weight loss/gain cycles. You will develop the habit of sensible, healthy eating.



Overworked? Stay at home Parent? Can't seem to unwind? Relaxation Hypnotherapy treatments are one of the best ways to unwind. Within less than an hour, Hypnotherapy can help bring you down to a calm, relaxed state that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to go. Take the strain of yourself or treat a loved one to one of these calming sessions.


Whether under pressure at work, studying or trying to juggle everything in life, we all have moments of high levels of stress. Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested way to help alleviate stress and allow yourself to tackle upcoming problems with a clearer head and a calmer demeanour. Don't be afraid to reach out and use these natural resources that can really help to change your emotions for the better.



"I don't know what u did but its working!!! Thank you so much I have not touched any junk at all and no desire to scoff rubbish at night/
Lots of my friends want to see you I believe one has booked already for weds?"

Weight Loss Client Testimonial.

I don't know if you remember me but we had some sessions a while ago to help with my weight also with my driving test! I thought I'd give you a little update on how it's going! The driving has been good, no accident's haha also I managed to lose nearly 3 stone in 6 months, most importantly of all I finally got pregnant!!

Weight Loss & Nerves Client Testimonial.

Exam/Driving Test Nerves

Big exam or work presentation on the horizon? Perhaps your preparing for your Driving Test or a Promotion? Nerves can get the better of all of us and be detrimental at times. Hypnotherapy can help to allow you to prepare yourself mentally and allow more confidence to build prior to upcoming events. This allows you to look towards a healthier way to benefit yourself in nervous moments.


Rates and Prices;

Treatment Times: 30 minutes - £25.00 per session.

  • Relaxation Treatment: Sessions to help unwind, relax the brain and body and feel rejuvenated and refreshed for weeks to come.

  • Stress Buster Treatment: Help to battle stress that has been building in the mind & body, helping bring you to a more sustainable level.


Treatment Times: 60 minutes - £50.00 per session.

  • Weight Loss Treatment: Sessions to help train the brain towards a healthier lifestyle, leading to a healthier life and natural weight loss.

  • Fears and Phobias Treatment: Sessions that will train your brain to overcome longstanding fears and phobias such as animals, dentists and flying.




Treatment Times: 60 minutes approximately - £100 for 2 sessions. 

  • Quit Smoking Double Session; Due to the extensive grip of an addiction, often quitting smoking treatments require more than one session. For this reason, the sessions are paired with a price discount.


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